Problem Drinking Prevention

Drunk and depressed man addicted to alcoholThe current  U.S. Health and Human Services’ Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that if you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, do not exceed 1 STANDARD* drink per day for women or 2 STANDARD* drinks per day for men. According to the guidelines, people who should not drink alcoholic beverages at all include the following:

  • Children and adolescents. (Anyone under the age of 21)
  • Individuals of any age who cannot limit their drinking to low level.
  • Women who may become pregnant or who are pregnant.
  • Individuals who plan to drive, operate machinery, or take part in other activities that require attention, skill, or coordination.
  • Individuals taking prescription or over-the-counter medications that can interact with alcohol.
  • Individuals with certain medical conditions.
  • Persons recovering from alcoholism.

*see responsible drinking for definition