Healthy Directions Coalition

| August 13, 2017

Healthy Directions Coalition

Who we are: We are people who live and work in Western Lane County who feel passionate about reducing substance abuse and promoting a healthy community.

How does a coalition work? Unlike networks whose members act independently, coalitions bring organizations together to act jointly. Coalitions form to address specific issues or they can sustain collaboration long-term. Members draw on assets from their organizations, as well as seek new resources. Roles, responsibilities, goals and commitments are written and links to outside organizations and communication channels are formal. Coalitions create decision-making and leadership structures that enable their members to speak with a united voice and engage in shared planning and action.

Our Mission: Working toward healthy families and children in Western Lane County by reducing the risk of alcohol use by our youth.

Our Values:

  • Education and Communication
  • Inclusion and Acceptance
  • Networking and Problem Solving
  • Awareness and Advocating
  • Intentional Health Community
  • Healthy Schools, Families, and Youth

When do we meet? Coalition workgroups meet Wednesdays.

What the coalition is doing: Collaborating through community partnerships to educate and strengthen families, inform policymakers of best practices and increase the prevention capacity of the Florence Area.

How do I get involved? There are many ways you can become involved or show support for our coalition! These include:

  • Joining one of our workgroups
  • Getting on our mailing list
  • Provide training for coalition members
  • Invite our members to conduct a training for your organization
  • Help to disseminate coalition materials and information as appropriate

Healthy Directions workgroups:

  • Outreach
  • Families & Education
  • Policy & Enforcement

Who can join the team?

  • Community Leaders
  • Parents
  • School Counselors
  • Retailers
  • Journalists
  • Community coalition members
  • Faith communities


  • Small business owners
  • Youth organization leaders
  • Volunteers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Treatment providers
  • Youth and you!




Contact: If you wish to be kept in the loop, please contact:

Emily Buff Bear

(541) 682-6480

Social Media: Like us on Facebook for more information about what we are doing in the community! Facebook


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