2018 Problem Gambling Awareness Month Middle School Art Search

| January 19, 2018

The 2018 Art Search is on!

2018 problem gambling awareness calendar - Oregon

2018 calendars are in!

Young artists wanted for problem gambling awareness calendar

All Oregon middle school students are invited to submit artwork that could be chosen to illustrate the 2019 Oregon Health Authority problem gambling awareness calendar. Twelve designs will be selected, one for each month of the year. Entry deadline to us is March 30, 2018.

Please create a poster that illustrates one of the following concepts, or develop your own message:
In either case, include the message in the poster. You do not have to use these exact words; they are included here as ideas.

  • Youth who gamble are much more likely to be involved in other risky
    behaviors, such as drinking, drug use or violence.
  • Gambling online for money is illegal in Oregon.
  • Using free internet gambling sites puts you at risk for identity theft
    and other serious problems.
  • Anyone with a gambling problem can get free counseling.
  • Gambling problems can happen to anyone.
  • Youth who gamble are much more likely to be involved in other risky behaviors, such as drinking, drug use, or violence.
  •  There are better things for kids to do for fun than gamble.
  • Gambling can be a risky activity.
  • People who gamble should set and stick to a time and money limit.
  • Signs of problem gambling: lying about gambling and betting more than intended.
  • Many of us are not aware that gambling addiction is a problem.
  • People can recover from gambling problems.

Artwork Presentation

Please do not show a winning hand or a winning combination of symbols in the artwork; this can be a trigger for
some individuals who struggle with problem gambling. If using a computer to create submission, artwork must be hand drawn (no clipart, etc.).


  • $50 gift certificate for calendar cover artwork.
  • $25 gift certificate for each of the other 11 months.
  • Additional prizes may be available, depending on which county you are submitting from.


The deadline to turn in your posters is March 30, 2018.

 Click to download the art search flyer (Lane County)


2018 Calendars

2018 Problem Gambling Awareness Calendars are in! Calendar art was created by middle school students throughout Oregon; one Lane County student’s art is represented this year (Keira from Eugene’s Monroe Middle School, see May 2018)!

Calendars are FREE and we ship them free of charge to anyone in Lane County, OR. Would you like a calendar? Send an email to hynes@preventionlane.org!



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