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About Lane County Prevention “PreventionLane,” A Section of Lane County Public Health

PreventionLane at Lane County Public Health - staff

From left: Michelle Hampton, Elisabeth Maxwell, Leah Edelman, Sandy Moses, Stephen Brown, C.A. Baskerville, Christy Inskip, Jennifer Webster, Emily Bear, Julie Hynes, Derek Bucher, Maria Kalnbach, Brian K. Johnson, Christiane Ochoa

Health happens where we live, learn, work, and play. Lane County’s Prevention staff looks at what is healthy; then works to promote changes that will improve our health, both mentally and physically. We define Prevention as the active process of improving health and well-being of people by reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors.

Our Mission

To lead efforts to plan, promote and create the optimal social and environmental conditions for community health and well-being.

Issues We Work On

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What We Do

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Share information
  • Facilitate community involvement
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Analyze and develop health policies
  • Develop community health improvement plans
  • Train and educate

Our Values:

  • Respect: We believe in respecting ourselves, each other and our community.
  • Team Work: We believe in working collaboratively and learning from each other.
  • Long-term change: We believe that prevention is integral to health transformation and long-term change.
  • Community: We believe in engaging the community and supporting diverse community participation.
  • Community Health: We believe an individual’s health encompasses a person’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being; the health of the individual is tied to the health of the community; and improving health requires changes in the social and physical environment in addition to individual behavior.
  • Public Health Science/Data: We believe in using public health and prevention science, data and evidence.
  • Integrity: We believe we have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and accountability.
  • Connection: We believe “it’s all connected.”
  • Equity: We believe it is our responsibility and our role to change the conditions that drive inequities in our community.
  • Fun: We believe a fun working environment is a productive and healthy work environment.